2WLEB began out of the desire to contribute to the Lebanese community by helping organizations connect with qualified talents located in Lebanon, and to encourage remote working, which proved to save money, time, and does not risk the deliverable of high quality projects. Our aim is to encourage Lebanese talents to stay in Lebanon and to contribute to the economy and reconstruct Beirut, rather than keeping the immigration of Lebanese talents leaving the country at every national challenge. Lebanese Talent immigration is an everlasting crisis that must stop. Today we are facing an amazing opportunity where most employers understood the fact that they can employ highly resourceful talents and keep them in their home countries. This solution has also proven to be cost efficient as it allows employers to save on the cost of expatriation that they usually bare. This is where the leading role of 2WLEB becomes powerful. We are ideally positioned to connect Lebanese Talents with employers across the GCC, the natural stretch of the Lebanese soil.


We will assist those companies looking for qualified talents to identify their needs among a pool of qualified job seekers. 2WLEB will only focus on service sectors where remote working is possible and efficient. These sectors are:
- Accounting
- Design
- Architecture
- Social media management
- Creatives
- Developers
- And others


2WLEB helps Lebanese people work from their home, and assists organizations reduce cost (smaller office, less visas, accommodation, parking space, transportation, salaries, etc.) and increase work quality. Spread awareness in the quality of Lebanese talents, and help maintain and increase the quality. Encourage remote working and the benefits of recruiting Lebanese.


1- 2WLEB will handle connecting Lebanese talents with organizations locally and internationally.
2- Spread awareness on Lebanese talents and help increase quality.
3- Educate and help organizations implement remote working methodology through awareness campaigns.